Author Greta Boris interviews Lambert

Greta Boris, author of The Seven Deadly Sins Series, recently posted an interview with Lamb Lambert.

“With all that has been going on in our troubled world, I decided I needed to push through the politics and hear from a couple of people who’ve lived what everyone is talking about. I sent out two sets of author interview questions.

One went to my buddy Lamb Lambert, the first black police officer hired in the city of Santa Ana. (The second set went to another wonderful career law enforcement friend and author, Joe DeLauderante, who is white. That interview is coming soon.) I had the privilege of reading Lamb’s book before it was published. It wasn’t an easy read, but so worth the discomfort.

And, on a bright note, I didn’t realize Lamb also trained K9 dogs! I always knew he was a man after my own heart. As all of you who’ve read my stories know, I’m a big fan of the pooch and have many doggy characters.”

The interview can be read here:

While in Ms Boris’ website, take a look around the author’s fascinating world of ordinary women and unexpected evil. Her books are available at Highly recommended reading!

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  1. Joan Horrigan, 7-12-2020 My Feedback on Lamb’s interview by G. Boris

    What a handsome picture of Lamb! Perfect for an on-line interview.
    Ms. Boris, like me, knows Lamb to be a great and faithful friend, and for that reason I am happy to note how well I admire him and appreciate his sharing of a wonderful look into his private and professional life. What a varied story-teller he is! You will be captured by his indomitable strength of character and clear story-telling abilities. Each incident with his co-officers and numerous citizens of Santa Ana where he was hired as the first Black American Police Officer is a small story in itself that moves along a larger, more profound story of Harlan “Lamb” Lambert’s life and contributions to Orange County’s Santa Ana, its primary city, and its residents and neighbors.
    From his mother’s initial explanation to him as a small boy when he wondered about skin colors, he cheerfully accepted when she told him about how he was like the flowers—there were many colors to behold, but all were beautiful. He remained generally happy with her explanation until he joined the Santa Ana Police Force as an officer assigned to uphold the law and caution offenders that it was to their advantage also to do.
    Thus was his expectation of being accepted by his fellow officers. So shocked to find out that was not the case and that he was not only mentally and physically abused by his co-workers that the result caused him to collect evidence to ponder what could possibly be the matter.
    Thanks to that monumental collection of letters of commendation from thankful citizens and precinct letters of condemnation from fellow officers, he had the makings of a remarkable true story—adventures of twists and turns on a daily basis in objective detail, allowing readers to come to their own conclusions about what was happening in the heart of Santa Ana during a time of transition and tumult.
    His story is relevant in cities all over the United States today even as times have changed. However, the hearts of people still seek truth and justice as we see them holding on to hope and dignity, despite current problems that continue to arise throughout the ages.

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