“The poor will be with us always”

From PJ Colando, on a topic near and dear to her heart:

The poor will be with us always.”

Second Harvest is a nonprofit food bank housed on the former El Toro Marine Base, Irvine. The Marines departed in the ‘90s, the nonprofit was invited into an abandoned building.

While its mission is to end hunger in Orange County, Second Harvest is nationally networked via the nonprofit Feeding America.

The commitment and intention:

A community where no one will go hungry. EVER.

Volunteers collect and distribute nutritious food to more than 250,000 individuals at risk of going hungry each month in Orange County through a network of 312 community partners who distribute food to the hungry in every city. Some folks gleaned from O.C. farm fields.

However, due to the climate of Covid-culture, volunteerism—like I provided via my church—is no longer feasible, but cash suffices in Covid-times.

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Lamb’s note: the above was first posted on the SCWA website. Please visit her website, where funny lady, author and speaker PJ shares her wit and wisdom for all to enjoy. Her latest book, The Jailbird’s Jackpot, is available on Amazon.

10/12/19 Indie Author Day

My second Indie Author Day participation – this time with my documented memoir, Badge of Color, Breaking the Silence (Book One)! Again, I was honored to be a part of such a distinguished group of SoCal authors…and to top it off…I was surprised with a family unknown to me up to this time!