“In the early 1990s I was out of the country, lonely and thousands of miles from home and family.”

I wrote 6 free verse poems during that time and on my return registered 21 volumes with the U.S. Copyright office.​Writing became my therapy during those two years. I wrote of experiences that left me both surprised, entangled in emotions, and painful to acknowledge.

Volume 1 is a collection of honest, and often painful free verse about love, faith, distance, being lonely, betrayal, loss, longing, relationships, neglect, abuse, longing, survival, regret, bad decisions, possibilities, protection, acceptance, change, celebration and more. All familiar themes that vary in
emotions and is something to which readers are sure to relate to.

Volume 2 is illustrated free verse poetry covering emotions of love, faith, friendship, joy, loss, trust, and much more that people can identify with.”

Harlen “Lamb” Lambert