10/12/19 Indie Author Day

My second Indie Author Day participation – this time with my documented memoir, Badge of Color, Breaking the Silence (Book One)! Again, I was honored to be a part of such a distinguished group of SoCal authors…and to top it off…I was surprised with a family unknown to me up to this time!

CSUF End-of-Semester Surprise – May 9, 2019

Never have I had such a warm welcome from so many. Professor Sharon Sekhon and her students invited me to attend their end-of-semester celebration. Daniel Lynem and I fielded questions from the students, gorged ourselves with pizza and other goodies.

The History-class students had been privy to my Badge of Color-Breaking the Silence manuscript as a school project. To my astonishment I received the most wonderful gift(s) from the students – their assignment? To respond to my memoir in written and/or visual format their take-away from the history of Santa Ana’s first black police officer. I received letters, poems, and artwork to cherish–too numerous to share here (although as soon as I learn how to thumbnail the photos, I will add them to this post!). However! One post was so personal and beautiful it is on pages 332-333 of my memoir: Rainbow Protector by Isabella Beltran.

“Whose History Is It Anyway?”

October 24, 2019 Professor Sharon Sekhon speaks at the National Society for Minorities Honors Conference at CSUF, Pollak Library. With Sharon Sekhon I will discuss the multiracial history of Orange County, specifically as it relates to Santa Ana. Detective Jason O’Brien, LAPD, and I field questions from the audience.

ITFS showcase

ITFS showcase  (https://intheflowstudios.com/ ) (https://www.facebook.com/InTheFlowStudios/.

First responders – past and present – are celebrated at the ITFS showcase.
So honored to be recognized with these outstanding public servants
(police, fire, ambulance).